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Surestore 24 and NT 4.0

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Surestore 24 and NT 4.0

Loaded a new tape drive (ss24i) last night on a NT 4.0 (Sp6a) with Exchange (5.5) running. It blue screened after the tape "jammed."

Today to be safe, I stopped the information store and loaded a new tape. Went in fine. Ran NT Backup, selected some small files, ran the job. Ran fine. Verification and all that was cool. Went to restart the information store..BOOM. Blue screen again. My Exchange server has never acted like this. I'm using the latest driver from HP for the tape drive.

Please help...someone!
Eric de Lange_2
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Re: Surestore 24 and NT 4.0

Silly question but did you load the latest and greatest in microsoft eXchange servive errrrr...service packs ?

The latest is SP4, more details can be found at;en-us;Q191014

By your description of your problem I think this may be key. If not, you best collect the blue screen data and consult with Microsoft on this.