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Surestore 24 compatability problem?

Occasional Contributor

Surestore 24 compatability problem?

I had an external Surestore 24 drive model number c1556c whic developed a fault.

This was replaced with a new machine exactly the same except a sightly newer model c1556d.

When I try to use tapes which were created on the old machine I get an error message "this tape contains unreadable data".

Is there a compatability problem between the two drives?


Richard Joyce
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Surestore 24 compatability problem?

try to use new media with this drive (just bought and unpacked media). Run HP LTT ( ) and look at its recommendations in support ticket. Generally, there are 2 possibilities: either old tapes are bad (data were written incorrecly by old drive because of, for example, head misalignment) or new drive is DFS (defective from stock, call HP)