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Surestore 4/40 Missing magazine

Raul Igartua
Occasional Contributor

Surestore 4/40 Missing magazine

Hi, I have a strange situation with a 4/40. I had the transport module replaced, because the picker was bad. After replacing this module we noticed that the library stopped seeing one of the magazines and it is showing a message partially available. The Status LED is green. I swaped the magazines around to see if the magazine was bad but it did not work. It detected the magazine in another position. Before the replacement all four magazines were fine. Is this firmware or hardware related? Have any of you seen this before?

The Library is attached to a server running HP-UX.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: Surestore 4/40 Missing magazine

The 4/40 library detects the magazines with an optical scanner looking for a magazine target.

If you watch the picker through the front window as it scans the magazine at the location where it isn't detecting a magazine you may be able to see if it is having trouble reading the target.
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Surestore 4/40 Missing magazine


AFAIR there are two different types of magazines (DLT/LTO), each recognized by a optical sensor under the magazine.
If the sensor goes bad, the box cannot "see" the magazin.
Consider a bad sensor.

Hope this helps!

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