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Surestore 418 Autoloader-->"Not Ready-Door Open" Error

John Yannarell
Occasional Visitor

Surestore 418 Autoloader-->"Not Ready-Door Open" Error

I had a bent door, swapped one of a bad unit, and I am getting this "Not Ready-Door Open" error. Door is closed, and the only thing which looks like a switch seems to be working. The 2 black plastic levers are recessed into holes in the top, and plastic protrusions on the door look like they enter the holes and close the levers. Cannot see any other switch type devices. Does anyone know exactly what actuates the door opened error ???
Thank you,
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: Surestore 418 Autoloader-->"Not Ready-Door Open" Error

There are three holes at the top of the door. The two large rectangular holes on the side are for guides only. The narrow hole is the middle is where the door open sensor is located. The sensor occupies the top 1/3 of that hole. One the door there is a small peg that pushes the sensor to indicate the door is closed. That peg should be the same height as the guide blocks on both sides and positioned slightly above them. If it is broken or bent this error will occur. You can test the sensor by using a foam tip cleaning swab and pushing it into the top 1/3 of the hole while power is on and see if the library detects it and begins the initializing sequence. If it does then the problem is the pusher on the door. If the library still reports door open then the sensor may be damaged. If you can't get the library to power up the sensor will have to be tested with a multi-meter. If you know how that is really easy when you take the cover off. If you don't already know how it probably can't be explained here.