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Surestore DAT 40i

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Surestore DAT 40i

I download LTT and run it on my Netware 5.0 server, but LTT not find my Surestore DDS 40i. Why?
Tina Karasch
Valued Contributor

Re: Surestore DAT 40i

Dear Leonid,

This could be :

a. that the backup sw you use with the dat40i is still running and because of that the diag sw LTT can't access the drv.

b. there has been a scsi reset on your scsi bus and because of that the drive can'tbe accessed. - reboot and it should be ok

c. you have not selected the dev in the diag sw.

d. the drive might need to be upgraded to the correct firmware to function correctly.

e. the scsi driver or tape driver might need to be upgraded

f. the drv is not ok

tk @>'-;---

If U want to; let's get technical.... :P