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Surestore DAT24 SCSI Card Mac OS X

George West
Occasional Visitor

Surestore DAT24 SCSI Card Mac OS X

Moving a Surestore DAT24 from an old Macintosh Workgroup server 7250 to a G4 Tower that will be running OS X; backing up with Retrospect. Looking for a compatiple SCSI Card. HP site mentions Adaptec, but Dantz does not recommend/supoort for Mac OS X 10.3 -- Also found ATTO ExpressPCI UL3S that works with Retrospect, but am not certain that it will work with the Surestore DAT24 -- Can anyone help?
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Surestore DAT24 SCSI Card Mac OS X

Basicaly the DAT24 have a scsi standard interface (Single Ended Narrow). Even if there is no configuration tested, I think that a standard scsi card will work and detect the DAT. Just be sure to have the correct connection for it (remember it is a 8 bit device so you need a narrow connector and cable(50 pin)if you want to avoid trouble)
I attached a doc ( ) showing the MAC, and apparently there is a PCI or PCI-X bus, sound like a standard PC to me