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Surestore DLT40

Tim Harrison_3
Occasional Visitor

Surestore DLT40


WE have had an this internal DLT for a couple of years now and it has worked flawlessly until today. When I tried to put a tape in all the lights on the right hand side started flashing and now it won't accept any more cartridges. Does anyone have any idea what it means?

Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: Surestore DLT40


You may have a faulty tape drive. Contact HP support and tell them about the problem.

Does it throw any eror messages on the screen?

Tape Drives RULE!!!
Steve W
Trusted Contributor

Re: Surestore DLT40

You could have a dropped leader, do you hear a clattering noise from the drive when it is switched on? If the dropped leader was caused by a faulty cartridge, be careful that you don't put that cartridge in another drive because it will drop the leader on that drive too.