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Surestore DLT80e and Macintosh

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Surestore DLT80e and Macintosh

I have recently bought a Macintosh G4 server os 9.1, and installed an Adaptec SCSI PD 29160 card and attached a HP Sure store DLT 80e tape drive. I have installed Retrospect v4.3 backup software.

The problem I am having is the software cannot see the HP device. I am unable to mount or load the device. The G4 server can see the device as well as the card. However, the device and the software sees the device as a Quantum 8000 backup device.

I have checked the web site and their are no drivers for Apple.

Can any one help. I am unable to use the HP surestore.


Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Surestore DLT80e and Macintosh


Dantz show that the DLT is supported as shown on but requires the ADK (advanced driver kit)

Have you installed the ADK ?
More about this plugin can be found at

Yes, the HP DLT drive will report as a Quantum DLT drive. This is normal as HP does not change the device inquiry string for DLT's.

I hope this helps you on your way.