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Surestore Model 2/20

Christopher Adams
Occasional Visitor

Surestore Model 2/20


I'm running Windows 2000, Veritas BackupExec 8.5 on a NetServer and I have a Surestore Model 2/20 attached. I have 20 slots in there and Veritas shows slots 1 - 20, but when I try to do any funtions against slot 20 I get this error in the Veritas job log: "Changer error - invalid element address"

When I run LTT against it to check diagnostics, etc. It only shows 19 slots, with slot 20 missing. I first noticed that it looked like my Slot 20 was being used as a mailslot so I set mailslots to = 0

But I still have problems with Veritas recognizing my last slot #20. If I run a scan against that slot it will show the label of the tape currently in it, but if I try to do anything else like erase, label media, inventory, I get the "invalid element address" error. Any ideas?

Tina Karasch
Valued Contributor

Re: Surestore Model 2/20

thats because you STILL have slot 20 configured as a mail slot :)

-> ensure NO media present in slot 20 and then reconfigure it via frontpanel or virtual frontpannel of LTT (nobusw services running !)-> then restart the sw.

-> after that configure that slot as a data or cl media slot in dev manager of the busw and run an inventoey in the sw

then bob's ur uncle :)

p.s. check that your 2/20 is supported in 8.5 - in case you have the LTO ver.....
If U want to; let's get technical.... :P
Suresh Patoria
Super Advisor

Re: Surestore Model 2/20


slot no. 20 is mail slot
u wan't able to use that slot
it is backup slot

Jan de Vries

Re: Surestore Model 2/20

You can configure the number of mailslots to be 0 and then you have 20 ' normal' slots.