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Surestore T20 defective tape

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John Whittle
Occasional Contributor

Surestore T20 defective tape

I've been having problems with this drive.
I have 2 tapes for this drive, I leave one in the drive for backup every night and take the backup from the day before home with me every night. Each morning when I come in I check the backup from the night before to make sure everything has gone smoothly, a while back when i picked up the second tape it gave me some problems and the log file told me:

1. Copy any data you require from this tape.
2. Do not use this tape again.
3. Restart the operation with a different tape.

So I figured that maybe I got a defective tape, but now it's telling me the same thing again with the original tape.

Am I doing something wrong?

These tapes have a lifetime warranty, but I don't really want to have to exchange it every week.

Any advice or tips would be appreciated.
Trusted Contributor

Re: Surestore T20 defective tape

You have really got to retension these tapes ALOT. Retension should be under the tool>media menu on the backup application.
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John Whittle
Occasional Contributor

Re: Surestore T20 defective tape

The retentioning seems to have worked, I had no error messages this morning. I guess a little maintenance goes a long way.

Thanks again,