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Surestore T20e

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Surestore T20e

Surestore T20e fw 3.02
connected to:

Vli8 w/Adaptec 2940AU/ Win98


2940 hangs briefly at boot -- ONLY when media is inserted in T20e.

TapeAssure reports N/A messages for media, everything else ok.
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Surestore T20e

Please download Library Tape Tools Diagnostic software and attach report.〈=English+%28US%29&basePartNum=COL1977&locBasepartNum=co-9548-5&os=Microsoft+Windows+98&tech=Diagnostic
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Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Surestore T20e


No use running L&TT... that doesn't work for Travan drives.

Let me see... so only problem you have is that it takes a bit longer to boot with media in drive? Otherwise, backups / restores work OK?

Doesn't seem a problem at all... at least I've seen the same happening, haven't seen it affecting the use of the device in any way, tho'.