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Synchronous/Assinchronous Burst Transfer Rate

Paulo Sárria
Occasional Visitor

Synchronous/Assinchronous Burst Transfer Rate

I would like to know the difference beetween this two ways for Rate Transfer and what it is the best way to maximize the utilization of my HP DAT8 internal scsi drive.

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Arimo Laine_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Synchronous/Assinchronous Burst Transfer Rate


1. Sync and Async transfers refer different SCSI specifications, see for more details. For Dat8i drive set the SCSI bus to:
Speed 10MB/s (max)
No Sync negotiation
No Wide negotiation

The drive is a Narrow SCSI device.

2. If you have Adaptec 29160 adapter, use 50Pin connector and NO Domain Validation

3. Use a terminated SCSI cable.

4. Check with the SCSI card manufacturer if you controller can provide Termination Power for the bus. If it can, remove Term Power jumper from the back of the drive.

5. Make sure your computer has the latest updates from manufacturer.

6. Make sure the OS also has latest updates.

7. Also make sure the backup SW has the latest updates.

8. Correct cleaning and maintenance:

9. More info on optimizing backup speed:

This should get you pretty well started.