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System backup and Oracle backup


System backup and Oracle backup

I am a sys admin fm windows , new to HPUX world, so pls bare with my illitracy.

We have 2 new HP9000 servers. not in production yet. need to take system backup and oracle backup.

I believe use make_tape_recovery is good for system backup and not sure about oracle. We are buying Netbackup enterprise for both in couple of weeks. but need to get start with basic DDS3 backup without netbackup for now.

System backup:
I believe we need to install ignite UX for make-tape-recovery. I dont know how to do this? where do you install this from ? From SAM?

Oracle backup:
I am not sure how to backup oracle with basic backup utilities.

Question with DDS3 tapes:
how to point the make-tape-recovery to DDS3 (attached via SCSI), and what command switch should one use?

Any suggestions, pointers etc are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: System backup and Oracle backup

Yes, make_tape_recovery is good for system backup, you can also use make_net_recovery. You can download the latest version from here:

Detailed instructions here:

For oracle, normally you can export the database and then save the exporte file, or you can stop the database, create a snapshot of the file system, start the database and backup the files.

Use fbackup to backup oracle.
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Sheriff Andy
Trusted Contributor

Re: System backup and Oracle backup

Make sure that your pax and tar patches are up to the latest level in regards to your system backups (ignite).

We do clones of our oracle databases on a nightly schedule, then we do a full backup against the clones. We have some other databases which we do exports and also have the database down when doing full backups against (no clones on these databases).

You might take the time to check some of the forums for Veritas Netbackup. They will have some very good insight as well.

Trusted Contributor

Re: System backup and Oracle backup

make_tape_recovery is only good if you can shutdown your ORACLE then the backup is
a. system full image backup
b. clean/consisten ORACLE backup

Just that you have to make sure ORACLE vg is include in the make_tape_recovery.

make_tape_recovery -Av (vg00)

make_tape_recovery -i (you can select any VG you want)

by the default, ignite-UX is installed.

NetBackup, you need online extension for ORACLE backup in easy matter. But you or your DBA also may create customise pre/post-scripts (simple) to

a. put ORACLE to backup mode
b. backup the ORACLE related file systems
- archive log must be turn on
- NetBackup online agent also require archive log to turn on
c. put the ORACLE back to normal
d. end backup

NetBackup pre-script are bpstart_notify & bpend_notify. But becareful while use multiples & multistream. It is more diffiuclt to control as the script will run based on stream not job. {DP will have 2 option}