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T3000 halts during run with "Memory Manager Error"

Heinz Gunther
Occasional Contributor

T3000 halts during run with "Memory Manager Error"

My T3000 Travan-3 tape drive has worked fine for years, but suddenly, without any obvious explanation, it runs for a while (10+ minutes up to 2+ hours) and then halts and displays "Colorado Backup #020b", "Memory Manager error" "(020b10c1)"

I am running Windows 98 (4.10.98) on a system with an AMD K6 processor and 32MB of RAM. The software is Colorado Backup for Windows 95, by Cheyenne, version 3.00.044

I have tried the "Possible Solutions" listed on the error message (Reboot, run ScanDisc and Defragger, close other apps, try a different tape, uninstall Backup and reinstall) without success. A reformat of the tape was successful. I have tried to uninstall & reinstall both in regular and Windows safe mode.

I have searched the HP website without finding anything specific about this problem. The user manual does not even list this error message number.

Any advice or information would be highly appreciated. The tape drive has served me well, and I do not want to add a writeable CD drive, if I can help it. For the moment I am backing up to a second hard drive, using the Seagate backup software contained in Windows 98.