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TIVOLI : Help needed

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TIVOLI : Help needed

Hi All GURU's ,

I am using TIVOLI v5.2 . I got a simple query ..... How do you store the set of the files which we have backed up ? . I mean whenever we select particular set of files for backup ....that time is there any option provided to save that set ?? so that I can use that set next time I take the similar backup . So I need not go on selecting those files again for backup ?? .
PLease ask me if u need any more details . Thanks in advance .


Re: TIVOLI : Help needed


I would say, save it as a job without schedule... Does this help?

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Re: TIVOLI : Help needed

Hi Vladimir Vybiral ,

Thanx for your reply . But I'm not running any schedule at the moment . So now how do I store those particular set of files ? .

marcus witts
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Re: TIVOLI : Help needed

Why dont you just do a "dsmc i" and leave it at that.

If files have changed then they should be backed up

If files haven't changed then they don't need to be backed up.

Doing the "dsmc i" command will achieve all of this.

I think you really need to read up a bit about TSM.
Kurt Beyers.
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Re: TIVOLI : Help needed


TSM is indeed incremental forever, so a new backup will include all files that changed since the last backup.

If you are doing a selective backup, you can select the files with include / exclude statements in the client option file dsm.opt or in separate include/exclude file. See the BA client manual for the correct syntax.

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