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TL 891 Firmware


TL 891 Firmware

Hi, We are facing a problem with a TL891 tape
library attached to a proliant with Win2000,
and running arcserver backup .
We feel upgradingthe firmware will help out .
Where do i get the firmware image for this
TL 891 tape library?

Rene Loser

Re: TL 891 Firmware

hello dominic,

use LTT (library & tape tools).
the most recent version is 3.4

here a link to download:

with LTT you can update drive and robotic firmware for all hp and compaq tape and libraries.

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: TL 891 Firmware

The TL891 should have an "DEC TL800 (C) DEC" Inquiry string. LTT supports this device, and V525 firmware is available (to replace V519, V514, and V409).

Note: The TL891 requires a single SCSI transfer of the entire firmware image (about 500k). Windows limits I/O at 64k, which means the firmware cannot be updated across SCSI on Windows (HP LTT on HPUX/Linux can).

An alternative on windows would be to use the LibCenter diagnostic tool, and update via the serial interface. You would need the .bin firmware image as well. Neither of these are available on the HP external web, but if you email, we can email them to you.
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