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TL891 SCSI settings

Glen Pappas
Occasional Visitor

TL891 SCSI settings

I have a TL891 minilibrary (firmware 5.25)and would like to know how to set the SCSI ID settings for the single 35/70 Gb drive in the library. I have already set the SCSI ID for the robotic library to SCSI ID 2 and Windows recognizes the robotic library but not the drive. Any suggestions on how to get Windows to recognize the drive will be greatly appreciated.

PS. The robotic library recently displayed fault code 2072 and I had to reset the storage unit to the factory defaults to clear the error message. I now need to know how to change the robotic library configuration settings for Windows to recognize the tape drive.

Glen Pappas
IT Network Administrator

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Re: TL891 SCSI settings

The SCSI ID can be set Under Configure Menu by going into Set SCSI

As you said you did a reset to clear the 2072 error,the drive should have disappeared after that.Are you able to see the drive once the TL891 initalizes and shows the status on the front panel.If the Drive is not getting detected,you may check refixing the Drive's internal cable to see if it helps