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TL891 library

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GB Tek
Valued Contributor

TL891 library

Hi all, I'm getting a library fault code 3007 dlt timeout error. I'm pretty sure that this indicates the drive is bad but wanted some expert advise. The model number of library is 120876-B21.
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rich pattison
Trusted Contributor

Re: TL891 library

This sounds like the library cannot get status information from one of its drives. Does this happen during power-up ?? - do you get a red fault light on the front panel?? - does it 'beep' at you??

At the end of the power-up cycle, the front panel LCD display should show DLT0 & DLT1 in the top 2 lines, along with each drive's status - if this shows a fault - then you need an engineer to take a look inside. It could (most likely), be a drive failure - but it could also be internal cabling, madia stuck in drive, controller fault etc.

Have any maintenance operations been carried out recently that may have caused this ?? - (firmware upgrades, component replacements etc.)