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TL891 with 2 35/70 - 2 Servers?

Jason Husbands
Occasional Visitor

TL891 with 2 35/70 - 2 Servers?

I'm really new to DLT libraries so forgive me ignorance.

I have a TL891 with 2 drives. As per the forum, if you have 2 drives from left to right on the back of the unit:

Server Cable
2 to 3
3 cable from 2
Server Cable

Now I understand this and this all works fine but my question is, can you hook up a second server to this unit? I was thinking not because it would only see the 2nd drive for the 2nd server vs. the library and slots. I guess I'm looking for re-confirmation. I'm using Veritas Backup Exec 10. If this can be done let me now what I need to make it work and thank you very much for your time.


Jacob Zeeman
Valued Contributor

Re: TL891 with 2 35/70 - 2 Servers?

Hi Jason,

The configuration you are asking for can be done with some enterprise class back-up applications. These applications are aware of other tape devices on the network, and can use them all as a single device if you have the correct clients installed.

However in general this is not something you will want to do for the reason you posted above.