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TL891 with Windows 2003

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TL891 with Windows 2003

1. Drivers are always lost when I reboot my server, hence, I have to do the job again and again.

2. Removeable Storage can find tape drive only. Library never shows up in the category. Never detected successfully in "Removable Storage".

3. Drivers change when I click "scan for new hardware".
For example, when I update library driver from "Unkonw medium changer" to " "HP StorageWorks DLT TL Series Medium Changer", the library might be disappeared. Then when I click scan again, it becomes "Unkonw medium changer" or "HP StorageWorks DLT TL Series Medium Changer".

I've been working on this for two week but still cannot solve it. Is there anyone can tell me where I did wrong? Thank you so much.........

Here is my hardwware & software environmnet,

Server: Compaq DL580 G1

SCSI Card: Adaptec AHA-3944AUWD Dual HVD UltraSCSI Controller(Occupied @Slot 3, 66-bit/33 MHz)

Cable: 341177-B21 (VHDCI-68)

Tape library: Compaq TL891

OS: Windows Server 2003

HP StorageWorks DLT TL Series Medium Changer (was "Unknow Medium Changer")
- Download from HP
- Provider: HP
- Date: 2/28/2003
- Version:

Compaq DLTtape DLT7000 Drive (was DAC UZ (C) SCSI Sequential Device initially)
- Download from HP
- Provider: Quantum
- Date: 8/12/2002
- Version:
Below is my test result.

BIOS can detect both library & tape drive when booting.
Ch B, SCSI ID: 0 DEC TL800

Results of LTT:
Sometimes only DLT Tape drive can be found, sometimes both library & drives, and sometimes none. But it can never detect library correctly.

Found 'DAC TL800 (C)@EC' at address 3/0.0.0
Device is not claimed by NT
Unexpected Win32 error encountered during I/O scanning: 1
Found 'DAC TZ89 (C)@EC' at address 3/0.4.0
Device is claimed by NT: class driver is \.\Tape0
This device has been hot-swapped: the old driver may not work for the new device

Windows Device Manager:
Case 1:
Both library & tape drive can be found.
Case 2:
Only tape drive can be found.
Case 3:
None could be found.

Re: TL891 with Windows 2003

Hi Giorgio,

This is found problem with 100% driver related Issues. Please update the following driver's once again.

Activity 1: Refixed the scsi controller(SCSI Card: Adaptec AHA-3944AUWD )with different slot and once again installed driver.

Activity 2: Check the scsi cable and dlt drive connectivity.

Activity 3: Once again installed The dlt drive driver and update up to date dlt could be resolved your issues.

Here i mention the ulr path of dlt driver
and utility.〈=en&cc=us&swEnvOID=1005

Thanks and Regard

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Re: TL891 with Windows 2003

HI Shiva,

After two days testing, the library still won't work. Could you soem clues taht what else I can try. Thank you.

Here is what I have done:

Activity 1:
I changed 3 different slots and tried different driver of SCSI card, but still won't got it. When I use the driver form, it even worse. The system crashed when I tried to click "scan for hardware". I tried about 3 times and all got the same results. After that I switched to another DL580, and the situation is the same. Finally, I used a ASUS machine to test it. The situation is the same, but at least it won't crash the system. On all machines, the normal boot sequence won't detect both library & drive automatically, therefore, I have to do that manually. Also after a reboot, both devices are still gone like before.

Activity 2:
Checked. No error.

Activity 3:
The firmware of the library is 5.25, which is already the latest.

In activity 1, there are 3 versions of the SCSI card driver in my system, but none of them can detect library & drive properly.
Renaat Dumon
Occasional Advisor

Re: TL891 with Windows 2003


just to tell you that I am using a TL891 on a Windows 2003 host, without problems.

I had the problem you describe too at first.
The problem is however not driver related!

You just have to go into your Adaptec card BIOS and change the CAM option on your HBA for this library to work!!!


Aw well, it's not the end of the world ... :-)