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Re: TL891DLX - continuing headaches

Matt Hearn
Regular Advisor

TL891DLX - continuing headaches

We've been having problems with our TL891DLX scsi-attached DLT tape drive for months. Our hardware vendor finally broke down and simply replaced the whole unit for us. After some hwmgr magic on our GS60E running Tru64 v5.1B, we got it to see the drives and the robot, and kicked off some backups. Woohoo! Drives loaded, everything looks great!

Until about 10 minutes into the backup, when the red light on the library pops up with a message:
Fault Code 3007
DLT Timeout Error

This causes one of the backups to fail with I/O errors; the other (we have two DLTs in the machine) continues as if nothing has happened. I think this is because the latter one is vdumping one 70GB filesystem, and the former is doing a bunch of smaller ones, so it completes a vdump, then tries to start the next one and the library says that the tape's not responding.

It's almost as if the library just stops listening to new tape requests about 10 minutes after the backup starts. Is this some kind of configurable setting that I need to modify? Thanks!!!
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: TL891DLX - continuing headaches

Hi Matt,

The detailed description for Fault Code 3007 is:

"Communication with one of the DLT drives was unsuccessful. A command was issued but status was not returned."

To clear the error, you need to hit enter to reboot, or power cycle the library.

If the error still continues after that, then either the library control board, or the DLT drive itself is at fault.

You should be able to isolate to a problem with the drive by trying the vdump that is failing on the other drive...

The unit that your hardware vendor supplied is very unlikely to be new, so its quite likely that you could still have a duff drive.

Personally, I'd be tempted to ditch the TL891 altogether and get yourself an LTO drive of some form. Your backup times will reduce considerably...


Matt Hearn
Regular Advisor

Re: TL891DLX - continuing headaches

Indeed, the drive (even in the new library) was faulty. We replaced it, did some hwmgr and dsfmgr magic, and now the jobs run fine!