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TL891DLX problems with 2003 & Modular Data Router

_Rob Henderson
Occasional Contributor

TL891DLX problems with 2003 & Modular Data Router

I recently rebuild servers with Windows SP1 and installed Backup Exec 10d (with Shared Storage Option)

Backup Exec & OS does not see library only DDS4 DAT (internal) & 20/40GB DLT

2 devices were not installed during the build "Compaq Data Router SCSI array device" & "Compaq MSA Fabric Sw 6 SCSI Enclosure Device"

Updated the MDR firmware from 1170 to 1187. MDR & DLT do not show in Device Manager

DL380G2 - current firmware
Emulex LP952 fibre Channel - firmware 3.93
MSA1000 SAN - firmware 4.48
Compaq Modular Data Router - firmware updated from 1170 to 1187
TL891DLX - firmware 5.25 single drive

SmartStart 7.40
Windows 2003 Server Std SP1
HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools 3.5 SR4a
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: TL891DLX problems with 2003 & Modular Data Router

Do you see the devices in device manager?
you can use HBAnywhere to see if devices are seen by the emulex card, if not, check on the swithc if the device is logged on the SAN.
You can also reconfigure the MDR, and recreate the maps, may be you changed something in the hardware configuration.