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Tape Backup nitty gritty

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Tape Backup nitty gritty

Assume I use a tape backup unit to backup the c:\test directory. A full backup strategy is employed and it runs daily.

DAY 1:

Assume the starting point on the tape is Point A. After the full backup, it ends at Point B on the tape.

DAY 2:

Since it is the full backup, will it still start at Point A on the tape and ends at Point B on the tape? If so, then it is the 100% oever-written, --is this a correct understanding?

Now if, in addition to the above scheduled backup, I also scheduled daily full backup for c:\log directory. Will it start at a point right after the Point B, lets call it Point C , and end at another Point D?

If so, I'll summarize them like this:

For c:\test daily full backup will be
from A --> B

For c:\log daily full backup will be
from C --> D

100% over-written.

Thansk to review and give comments

Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Tape Backup nitty gritty

Depending of the tool that you use, you can indicate to overwrite or append to the tape. For example, if you use ntbackup, you can mark the option to "append" data to the tape. If you use Unix/Linux, you can save more data to the tape using the no-rewind device file. If you use another tool, there should be an option also.
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