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Re: Tape Drive Warranty!

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Tape Drive Warranty!

I have recently bought a Tape Library along with Internal LTO6 Tape Drive recently i.e., a month back. Now when I check the WARRANTY for the same, the tape library shows ACTIVE but the internal tape drive shows it expired in August 2016!!! I have checked with the supplier but he does not have any clue!!!

Can you advise to whom I need to contact in regards to the Tape Drive? Can you also advise what could be the reason? Is it a gray market product?


Re: Tape Drive Warranty!

If you can pull a support ticket from the drive and library using the web interface and post them here I may be able to figure out if there is something unusual about the drive.  Many libraries are purchased without any drives installed and the drives are ordered separately depending on interface type and generation needed.  It is possible that maybe the drive is new but sat on a shelf somewhere for a long time.

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