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Tape Drive detection

Alexx Kovacs
Occasional Visitor

Tape Drive detection

Hello ... I'm having a problem with tape drive detection.
It seems as if when the machine scans for SCSI devices, it times out.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Ted Ellis_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Tape Drive detection

what is the system? assume unix and you are running ioscan?
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Tape Drive detection

Some of the more obvious things to check are:

1) Drive is on a unique SCSI ID. Typcially the host is on 7, so the drive should be on something else, and unique to anything else on the bus. If the interface card is narrow (8 bit) SCSI, then you should use ID 0 .. 6.

2) The host HBA type needs be compatable with the tape drive. If it's HVDS, then the drive needs to be HVDS. If it's LVDS, the drive can be LVDS or SE. If the host is SE, then the drive should be LVDS or SE.

3) The terminator needs to be compatible. If one of the devices is SE, you need either an autosensing LVDS/SE terminator or an SE terminator.

4) The bus need to be 'in spec', which means terminated on both ends, one or two devices providing term power, etc.

5) No bent pins.

6) Proper HBA drivers installed (OS dependent).

7) Any device drivers needed are installed (OS dependent).

It would help if you mentioned what device, what host, and what HBA you are using.
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