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Re: Tape Drive is showing Offline

Rabih Halawi
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Tape Drive is showing Offline

We recently bought the following server HP ML370R05 E5430 Base EU Svr. We also have a HP Ultrium 448 Internal Tape Drive installed to this server. So far we have been unable to make this tape works. We show on Backup Exec that tape drive is offline. We have tried two different version of Backup Exec (version 9 and version 12.5) same issue was repeated, device was offline and could not be used.
the device manager shouw the tape drive and the SCSI controller without any problem.
Can some please help what could the problem be,
TapeDrive Killer 1 2
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Re: Tape Drive is showing Offline

Are you using any of this cards?

412911-B21 - HP SC11Xe PCIe Ultra320 SCSI HBA (Internal/External) » Cables

374654-B21 - HP Single Channel Ultra320 SCSI PCI-X HBA G2

if thats so what drivers are you using?
If you have backup ecec then you will need to have Symantec Drivers on your tape drive, please download LTT and attact a support tikect.

Pablo Alvarado Siles
Pablo Alv Siles