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Tape Drivers

Larry Davis_3
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Tape Drivers

We have a Compaq ML330 Server with an internal Compaq 20/40-GB DAT Tape Drive. I had to reinstall Windows 2000 recently. Since then I have not been able to incorporate the new drive for use in backup. I do not seem to have the drivers from the original purchase. (We have 2 compaq servers, both with Compaq tape drives, and no tape drivers. What's up with that?)

I went searching for the drivers on, which is now HP. The only option that appeared to be viable was called hptapedrivers.exe. However, I cannot find the right driver in that collection. I have tried a few but neither MS Backup nor Backup Exec recognize the drive. It appears in Device Manager but nowhere else. Any ideas?
Leon Rosier
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Re: Tape Drivers

If you make use of Veritas Backup Exec, you can choose whether you make use of Veritas drivers or Microsoft/Compaq/Hp/etc.

If you want to make use of the Compaq/HP driver you can use the HPdrivers.exe file you were mentioning. The Compaq dat driver (SDT1000 for dat 20/40) is included in this package as you can see in the details which I took from the .ini file:

; CPQ DAT drives--------------------------------------------

Install Library and tape tools from HP, stop the backup exec services and test the drive with this tool.


Mahesh Kumar Malik
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Re: Tape Drivers