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Tape Drives drop out of Device Manager

Occasional Contributor

Tape Drives drop out of Device Manager

I have w2k/w2k3 servers connecting to a ML5060 tape libary. When I do a rescan for devices in Windows Device Manger the number of tape devices changes randomly. The 2nd or 3rd time the total number (it should be 4 total) will be different. They will also drop off now and then causing my backup program (CommVault Galxy) to stop working.
The servers have the FCA 2101 (Emulex 950 2GB Fiber) cards on them.
They are connecting through a McData switch with a MSA 1000 SAN on the back end. I am not logging any errors on my switch or event logs.

How do I tell W2K/3 to stop scanning periodiclly? I have setup persistent bindings on the HBA. However, I am not sure about LUN mappings and if that is necessary. When I tried this I lost my SAN disks.

Thoughts? Help? Thanks - Keith
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Tape Drives drop out of Device Manager

I think that multiple paths to tape devices are not supported. Please check how many times hosts can see it. If more than once, then use zoning to zone library to one of HBAs