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Tape Ejects When Backup Starts

Pamela Hilton
Occasional Visitor

Tape Ejects When Backup Starts

We have a Surestore DAT40i tape backup system using Backup Exec 7.3. Everything was working fine until last week when the back-up failed. In checking, it appears that the tape is being ejected when the backup job starts. The only error message we've seen is a notice to insert a tape (after the tape is ejected.)

We have not changed any settings and have tried using different tapes, rebooting the server, etc.

We don't know if this is a hardware or software problem. We'd appreciate your assistance.
Brian M Rawlings
Honored Contributor

Re: Tape Ejects When Backup Starts

Pam: first blush suggestions... have you tried a different (new) cartridge? Other ideas:

1> Put in a cartridge and try to write directly to the tape:

cd /tmp
tar cvf /dev/rmt/c?t?d?

See what happens. If the tape pops out, probable HW problem, the drive is fried.

2> If the 'tar' operation succeeds in writing to tape, the drive itself is probably fine, so I'd call Veritas support on Backup Exec to see what can cause this.
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Pamela Hilton
Occasional Visitor

Re: Tape Ejects When Backup Starts


Thanks for the response. I'll try it. And yes, we've tried five different tapes, used a cleaning tape, rebooted the server about 10 times, etc.

Whenever we've had a tape failure before, rebooting the server has always worked.

Again, thanks for your help.