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Re: Tape Labels for MSL2024 with LTO-3 drives

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Tape Labels for MSL2024 with LTO-3 drives

We will be purchasing MSL2024 with LTO-3 drives. What kind of labels do I Does it have to be 6 characters followed by L3, or can it 5 characters followed by L3. Furthermore, does it need dual bar codes. We will be using Maxel Ultrium 3 - 400GB or Fuji Ultrium 3 400 GB tapes.
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Re: Tape Labels for MSL2024 with LTO-3 drives

Here's a link to the white paper that should answer all your questions.

In a nutshell, you need exactly 8 characters, with the last two indicating the generation, in your case, L3. The barcode encoding is 3of9. Beyond that, you'll want to make sure you leave at least two characters worth of white space on the beginning and end of the code. I also recommend that you use the entire bottom of the label (leaving a the above mentioned whitespace) with the code taking up at least three quarters of the height of the label. Nice and big will get you a consistent read.

Also, you need to verify how your backup software interprets the labels. For instance, NetBackup only reads a total of 6 characters, but you can adjust which 6, left or right. (Default is right, so you get 4 identifier characters with L3 on the end, which I found sufficient, but it's up to you)

What I did was make some test labels with different formatting and put them on different tapes to see which worked best. Also, make sure when you test, you rescan several times to make sure the label reads consistently, I had occasions where it would read fine the first time, but then miss the second time and fine the third.. it can be frustrating if you're not ready for it to do that to you.... :)

Good Luck!
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Re: Tape Labels for MSL2024 with LTO-3 drives

Sorry to dig up an old thread. Sysdave, I was wondering if you could explain what program and what labels you used to make the labels you mentioned in your post. I would be very interested in being able to do that, but the only barcode stuff I have makes a standard UPC looking bar code.

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Re: Tape Labels for MSL2024 with LTO-3 drives

HP strongly discourages you from trying to make your own labels, for at least two reasons.
1) The ink used must have certain reflective properties to be accurately and quickly read; those qualities may not be found in standard printers (whether inkjet or laser).
2) The adhesive has to ensure that the labels will stick to the tape cartridges and not come off.

You might not know that HP sells pre-labeled media at the same price as un-labeled media, when it's sold in packs of 20. Unless you have people who really enjoy putting labels on media by hand.
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Re: Tape Labels for MSL2024 with LTO-3 drives

Thanks for the reply.

I was actually able to make my own lables with a Dymo label maker.

They are working GREAT. I'm sure that time will tell, but I don't think that they are coming off the tape on their own.