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Tape Library ESL9322 drivers for AIX

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Tape Library ESL9322 drivers for AIX

Hello everybody,

I am searching out for Tape Library ESL9322 drivers for AIX O.S., versions 4.3.3 and 5.2 but I cannot find them anywhere.
See link below:

AIX is a supported operating system.

From link above I can download dirvers for several Operating systems but I cannot find one for AIX.

Could you help me to search out it?

Thanks a lot in advance!
David Ruska
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Re: Tape Library ESL9322 drivers for AIX

Yes, AIX is a supported OS. If you haven't already, verify all the components are listed in the EBS compatability matrix:

Additional drivers are usually not needed on unix-type OSes. Typically the backup apps either use the native device driver, or they use a driver built into the app which goes through a SCSI pass-through (or SCSI generic) driver included in the OS.

If you're using Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM uses its own device files for non-IBM libraries and drives.

The Tivoli Quick Start guide for AIX (available at the IBM web site) shows details for configuring non-IBM
libraries for TSM.
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Re: Tape Library ESL9322 drivers for AIX

Hi David,

thanks for your useful reply.
Anyway I am using Veritas NetBackup as backup tool on AIX. Do you think that Tape Library ESL 9322 doesn't need drivers on AIX? I could agree with you but〈=en&cc=us

here you can find drivers for different operating systems and for HP-UX 11.X and Tru64 5.1 too. Then how to know what unix-type OSes need drivers for this Tape Library?

Kind regards,