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Tape Library Error

Sándor Ujhelyi
New Member

Tape Library Error

Dear Support!

We have a HP Ultrium 2 1/8 SCSI Autoloader device.
After run a Bulk Exchange command and put back the tapes the display always write errors and the Error LED lights.

The error code is: A0 60

I also tried a reset but this time I got an another error message. Error A0 27

I cannot take out the tapes and do anything.

The backup jobs have run correctly for this time.

What may be the problem and the solution?

Previously thanks for help
Sandor Ujhelyi
Olibe Babaco
Frequent Advisor

Re: Tape Library Error

Hi Sandor,

try this out :

then try reinsert all cartridges

A0= Error occurred during carousel movement (position not found). Could be caused by a carousel motor power issue, a missing or misaligned cartridge carrier, an obstruction, or an unexpected cartridge in the carousel path.

I also advice you to update the FW of the loader.


Sándor Ujhelyi
New Member

Re: Tape Library Error

Thank you for the link in your advice.
We could solve the problem with it.