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Tape Library - Omni Back HOWTO

Manohar Pradhan
Occasional Contributor

Tape Library - Omni Back HOWTO


Just wondering if there is some simple HOWTO document helpful to newbies like me to configure the setup for automated backup tasks using followings:

-SureTape E Library 20/700
-SureStore E SCSI Bridge FC 4/2
-Omni back II

I have collected lots of documents from HP site however found pretty confusing to put things together.

Would appreciate if some one can point out me to some sources.

Thanks and Regards
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Tape Library - Omni Back HOWTO


There is no actual cookbook as such to get
started, however, I've listed a few things
here in relation to this setup:

Make sure that you have the latest firmware
for the tape library, the drives, whether
they are DLT or LTO. Latest firmware for
the bridge. The method of traffic must be
'fabric' and not 'loop'.
Configure your devices and drivers, as per
the information provided in this link.,,0x55e2f715edc6d5118ff10090279cd0f9,00.html

On your Unix server (if it is being connected
via a brocade switch) you must have the
kernel parameter 'st_ats_enabled' set to 0.

Disable your EMS monitoring for SCSI tapes
as per the attached document.

The omniback manuals are good starting point
to get your back installation started.
When setting up your library in OmniBack
make sure you do this:

Set the library as SCSI II
Have a logical lock name for each physical V's
logical drive.

I'm sure you'll have many more questions, so
I'm sure there is enough in this lot to get
you started.

Manuals can be found here:
Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Rick Garland
Honored Contributor

Re: Tape Library - Omni Back HOWTO

You have specified a configuration that I am using almost verbatum.

All of what Michael says is true, I went through it in the configuration process. But once completed you should be able to "see" the drives from the various systems. Be careful to not duplicate the drives within OB, get your drive indexing correct (the library index starts at 0 whereas OB starts at 1).