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Re: Tape Library Setup - Windows

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Tape Library Setup - Windows

I'm using 6.0. It's been forever since I've had to do anything with configs. Can someone point me to the doc that best describes how to set up a new device library? All the way down to a test backup to tapes in the new library - would be best. Thanks, -h
Curtis Ballard
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Re: Tape Library Setup - Windows

You will probably get the best support if you post into the Data Protector specific forum as it sounds like you must be using DP.

A starting point would be to check the tape teams documentation which is all at (EBS == Enterprise Backup Solutions). On that site you can find lots of helpful docs and there was a DP setup guide last I looked.
Pavel S.
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Re: Tape Library Setup - Windows

Hi Mike,

If it's regarding DP6 then you can:

1. check docs at HP Data Protector V6.1x Software Manuals site

2. the easiest way to get help is to using online help inside DP - it has all the documentation inside. Just go to Help menu.