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Tape Library query for HP MSL6030

mohammed arafat_2
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Tape Library query for HP MSL6030

hi all plz help

We use Veritas v9.1 backup software.

1-We have two trays in the msl6030, and want to use the right hand tray (HP3) as the left (HP2) now is fully used up. We want the Veritas backup exec software to use the next slot no.14 (tape no.15) on the right hand tray HP3 (device) but the Tape library switches instead to HP1 (which is the default , starts again on the HP2 tray).We can manually configure Veritas to use HP3 as next device but we want to automate this to have it by default to use up all the media on the left tray then automatcially go to the right tary.

2-Also if we remove some tapes from the tray for archiving, how can we replace these with new tapes and tell the HP tape library to use the tapes in sequence 0, 1,2,3,4 etc. There is no option on the HP software or Veritas software (that we can see), the Tape libary skips over the new tapes and writes over the old ones again