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Tape Library scsi-id setup ( ATL P1000 )

Occasional Contributor

Tape Library scsi-id setup ( ATL P1000 )

Hi ppl,

I have a ATL P1000 DLT (tape) Library Drive Unit which is out of Company Maintenance. ( So, I'm posting my question here :-) It has LCD Touch Screen Display with Lot of menus, sub-menus. When I attach this tape drive unit with my HP-Sever the system does not boot. When I attach with my Sun-Server, it is not sensing any new scsi device. Looks like the SCSI id's clash.

I tried to change the configuration using ATL menu, but it is password protected and I dont know how to break the passwd. ( no body knows the passwd ).

Any help is highly appreciated.



Re: Tape Library scsi-id setup ( ATL P1000 )

try default passwords:
1234 - operator
5678 - service