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Tape Stuck in SDLT 1/8 Autoloader

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Tape Stuck in SDLT 1/8 Autoloader

I have an HP Storageworks 1/8 Autoloader. I have a disk stuck in the drive. Also, when the power is on, all my LEDs blink fast at the same time, and my display is blank. Can anyone tell me how to manually eject the tape once I have the cover off? I have done the hold the eject button down for 10 seconds routine, but no luck. I am in a pickle. Please help, unit is out of warranty. Thanks
Jaclyn Rothe
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Re: Tape Stuck in SDLT 1/8 Autoloader

What model number of unit do you have?? AA926A??

There is probably a dropped leader int he drive...

This is a hard error and on a 1/8 autoloader this means a new autolaoder. They are not serviceable... there is not authorized HP service center that will repair it
SDLT standalone drives were built with an eject motor that would kick out the tape then stuck... that is not a feature in this autoloader. If the tape is stuck, I don't believe you can remove it this easily.