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Tape backup hanging

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Tape backup hanging

I have a Compaq DLT 80/40 external tape drive connected to a Compaq ML570.
It is connect to the second SCSI channel that is embedded on the system
board. It is the only device on that channel. The system is running NW 5.1
with SP2A plus additional patches listed for NDPS. Also the backup software
is ArcserveIt 6.6 with SP4 plus additional device patches. The cable is
appox. 1 meter in length and is from Compaq. The system is a Dual processor
700Mhz system with 2GB of memory. It also has a SmartArray 5300 card Quad
Channel with 128MB of Cache memory that has 2 arrays attached. The problem I
am having is that after 2 -3 backup cycles/days the backup process will stay
open but not backing up any files. It reports that it is running but no
activity is happening. I have updated the drivers with the latest Compaq
NSSD files from their Web Site and looked on the ArcserveIt web site but
haven't found any info that would help me with this. When I try to cancel
the backup job the server will reset itself. Any help with this would be

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Tape backup hanging

Run diags to verify you're not have hardware problems . Apply latest patches for Arcserve .