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Re: Tape drive errors

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Tape drive errors

Im Currently running Data Protector Express version 3.50 (build 37634) on a windows 2003 server with service pack 2. Until recently it has been doing scheduled backups quite happily, however now im getting all sorts of errors and have only managed to get one back up and it was fairly small in size. Ive read in these forums that ppl have had trouble with it being over certain sizes and a few other issues but all the diag tests on the tapes and drive come back ok so dont understand why im getting this nice list of errors which are:

error 1400
error 1407
error 4018
error 4027
error 4038
error 4040
error 4073
error 4074
error 4075

Oh and Compression/Encryption is turned off on all the jobs.

Any help would be appreciated cheers
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Re: Tape drive errors


It's really a long list you have given

Error 1400 & 1407 are related to media used for the job. It is complaining that the media provided is not the correct one

4018 -- bad media
4027 -- device time out -- this can be due to the usage of bad media or the drive ejected the worng media and was waiting for a longer time for an another media to be loaded into it

4038-- The device is not ready. Make sure that media is properly inserted into the drive

4040 -- A hardware error was detected. Please check the device and the media -- if the diag. tests you have run has confirmed the status of the drive then the problem is definetely in media

4073, 4074 & 4075 -- these are tape alerts again pointing to media or write errors

Over all the media you are using for the backup job is either pretty old or over used. I would recommand to try using a new media and check if the errors are still there

Hope this helps




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