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Tape drive partnumber


Tape drive partnumber

Does anyone know how to get the part number from a tape drive without having to take it out?


Re: Tape drive partnumber

First of all you have to now the model of your tape drive, second you have to go to this link〈=EN
and put the model name.

Re: Tape drive partnumber

How do i get the model number tape tools and the insight agents only report DLT1 and this doesant come up with anything in the parts store?

Re: Tape drive partnumber

Can you give me more information, like.
What kind of tape are you use, in what kind of system, is in MSL or in a server, it´s a DLT.
Here you can see several models of tape drives:
Tape drive, 110/220 GB
Tape drive, 160/320 GB
Tape drive, 300/600 GB
Tape drive, 40/80 GB
Tape drive, 100/200 GB, LTO Ultrium 1
Tape drive, 200/400 GB, LTO Ultrium 2, point me one and i give you the part number, or write here de model of the tape drive.

Ps: I send a picture for you to see if the drives is looking like this.


Re: Tape drive partnumber

Thanks for your reply, I need to find out the part numbers for various drives most of which are dlt40/80 and sdlt110/220 the problem is that some of these drives are slightly different and using the model number doesnâ t give you the exact same part number.

I need to get the part number so I can identify faulty drives to our hardware support provider.

Re: Tape drive partnumber

I hope this part numbers can help you:

Tape drive, 110/220 GB, SDLT P/N:233125-001

Tape drive, 40/80 GB, Internal DLT P/N:154871-001

Tape drive, 40/80 GB, External DLT P/N:154872-001

In my country the spares for this products are this but in your country can be diferent.
Where are you from.