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Tape library in a SAN can not be seen by VMS system

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Tape library in a SAN can not be seen by VMS system

Hi I have a tape library connected to a SAN but I can not see it from VMS systems ,

For testing I presented the port where is connected the Faber channel of the Integrated DATA route in the san switch to a windows system and i can see it , in other words the library is in the same zone for windows, but it does not happen the same with the OPEN VMS systems.

Other question .
VMS OS 8.2 can use this MSL6030 with ultrium drive directly to make backups without using a backup software like data protector, or other one.

Have I to change some configuration in the data route that is integrated in the library?

Thank you .

all help are welcomes

Mike Reznak
Trusted Contributor

Re: Tape library in a SAN can not be seen by VMS system


if you present the library to Windows and to OpenVMS together, then that might by the problem. Try to make separate zone sets for Win and for OpenVMS and present it only to OpenVMS.
After running SYSMAN IO commands or the reboot, you should see it. Don't forget ot put the drive wwids into SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE]SYS$DEVICES.DAT .

I think, that you can use standard backup commands. There probably will be some CLI and GUI shell for operating tapes inside the library. For ESL series it's called Robot.

...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world ;o)