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Tape will load but that's it. DP 6.0

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Tape will load but that's it. DP 6.0

Running DP 6.0, all patched up, on Win2k3 server.
Remotely controlling a scsi attached AutoLoader 1/8 Ultrium-1.

Windows drivers are disabled, ran the HPTape drivers tool. AutoLoader firmware is updated.

Here is the process: I try to scan or format a slot in my library. The tape is grabbed correctly and loaded. this is displayed:

[Normal] From: "HP:Ultrium 1-SCSI_1_zeus" Time: 3/30/2007 11:29:46 AM
STARTING Media Agent "HP:Ultrium 1-SCSI_1_zeus"

[Normal] From: "HP:Ultrium 1-SCSI_1_zeus" Time: 3/30/2007 11:29:49 AM
By: UMA@zeus.xxxxxxxxxxcom@scsi5:0:5:1
Loading medium from slot 5 to device scsi5:0:5:0C

Everything is fine so far except it will go no further. Its like the device is not letting DP know that it has loaded the drive. DP won't even time out. The session just gets hung and nothing ever happens.

Any ideas?

-Thanks for the help.
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Re: Tape will load but that's it. DP 6.0

Also, running a LT&TT test, It also hangs giving me a " Waiting for pending I/O response" or something to that affect.

It I try to run the LT&TT installation check, the program just gets hung and trying to kill the service gives me a access denied error.