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Tapes not able to unload from L9 Autoloader

Tan Kian Chye
Occasional Contributor

Tapes not able to unload from L9 Autoloader


I have an L9 Autoloader, which has given some problem to me recently. We have engaged the engineer to replace the whole drive some weeks ago, but the problem still surfaced.

The problem now is the tapes aren't detect by the Host OS. In additional, I'm not able to be unload the tapes from the drive. There is no error messages display on the L9 Autoloader. The output from the IOSTAT is as follow:

st15 Soft Errors: 35 Hard Errors: 0 Transport Errors: 912
Vendor: QUANTUM Product: DLT8000 Revision: 0114 Serial No: Â

It seems that there is a some problem during transportation. But I have checked that all the cables and connection were aren't change. Can any one let me know what other action I should take to resolve the problem. Thank you.

Joseph Loo
Honored Contributor

Re: Tapes not able to unload from L9 Autoloader


has the engineer also updated the latest firmware for the DLT?

please refer to :〈=en&cc=us

as I do not know the model of your server and also the platform version.

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