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Termination Help

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Termination Help

Hello again


i hope someone can help me here, sorry to post a few questions i think i may have had my setup connected wrong all along


ive read that you need to terminate the first and last devices with scsi, i have a few setup questions


at the moment while im retesting, i have my adaptec controller a 320 68 pin cable plugged in and connected to one device the cable has five connections, i have the second to last connection connected to my lto 4 drive, and then the last port is my active foxconn terminator


should i have another terminator plugged in before the drive, eg, terminator connected, then drive, then terminator connected again?


last configuration setting i have is


i used to have 2 devices connected to the scsi card, the  1760 ltop and a scsi hd, from the card would be a couple of connections spare and then the last 3 would be connected uin this order, lto, hd, and then last terminator


should i have had more than one terminator connected?


im curious becasue tape tools is giving an error under drive connectivy ieven tho all oher tests are working fine


No HBA Information, So unable to determine the HBA Model information


again id appreciate any help!



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Re: Termination Help

It is best practices to never have disks and tape drives on the same bus.


Each end of a scsi bus must be terminated, since the controller side is usually terminated by the controller itself, you need a terminator at the other end, unless you have a self-terminating device at this end.

Hope this helps!

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