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Test barcode scanning or tape cartridges

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Test barcode scanning or tape cartridges

Hi all,

I am facing an issue with my 1x8 G2 AUTOLDR  with Ultrium 8-SCSI  drive.  I have configured Veeam to perform backup to tapes and up until recently all worked fine.  All of a sudden I get the warning from Veeam that the library was unable to read the bar code on a cartridge and as instructed by Veeam support team I need to make sure that everything works on my Tape Drive. 

Is there an HPE tool or any test I can perform on my Tape Drive in order to check this?

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Re: Test barcode scanning or tape cartridges


The situation when tape doesn't have a barcode shouldn't lead to any issues

1. remove all the media from the Autoloader.
2. Make sure the barcode label properly stick on the media.
3. Make sure all the barcodes neat and clean.
4.Insert cleaning media and check robotic or library able to read the barcode.
5.If library able to read cleaning media barcode something issue with other media hence checks one by one media.
6.Folow the below link,if the issue still persists after performing the above steps.

HP StorageWorks ESL, MSL, and SSL Libraries - Bar Code Label Requirements, Compatibility, and Usage

HPE Library and Tape Tools - Testing: Diagnostic Tests

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