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Timeout error on SCSI controller

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Timeout error on SCSI controller

I have an ML350 PIII 1Ghz with Compaq 64-bit/66Mhz Dual Channel Wide Ultra 3 SCSI controller. Using Arcserve 2000 on Windows 2000. When the drive is mounting the magazine it will make it through two tapes and then give a mount complete message. The system even log then has an error "The device, \device\scsi\adpu160m, did not respond within the timeout period."
I have moved this drive from the first channel to the second to see if there is any difference. SCSI drivers are at 6.0.4000.300 dated 27 Jun 2001 from the Compaq support site. Drive firmware is 5.02.
I have updated the Survey Utility, suggested by Compaq tech support on one of my calls for help.
This drive has functioned correctly in the past but now will not update the inventory of the tapes in the magazine. I see that many others have problems with this drive also. Is there any sign of hope for those of us with these drives to get some much needed solutions so that we can backup our systems without the many headaches that this has caused? Any and all help would be much appreciated.
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Timeout error on SCSI controller

Hello, just wanted to add that I have also experienced problems with this controller and arcserve 2000 on windows 2000. We have also upgraded ALL the drivers from the newest smartstart (5.10) and even bios-upgraded the firmware to 3.02 on the scsi-controller, and we still have the problem with the adpu160m.sys.

Our setup is one 8500R with 4 processors and 2GB ram, with both the internal smart array controller, an extra 5300 connected to storage and the compaq 64-bit/66Mhz Single Channel Wide Scsi Controller - which connect to our backup, a DLT 110/220.

Another funny thing - apparantly the compaq storage driver hangs on bootup, when disabling this, everything seems to work normally, so try that.

Tomorrow we are gonna change cable, controller & DLT (in that order) to get this to work properly....