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Tl891 problems ARCServe and Windows-NT

Diego Pretel
Occasional Visitor

Tl891 problems ARCServe and Windows-NT

Initial situation:
TL891 firmware ver. 5.14 With two DLT drives firmware ver. 2561. OS Windows-NT and Backup Sofrtware ARCServe.

We had to replace one DTL drive by malfunction. After that replacement, ARCServe become not working properly. Could be the cause of this that de new drive had firmware version 296d (newer than the other)?

What we did after that was update de firmware of the drives and Library.

So now the situation:
TL891 firmware ver. 5.25 With two DLT drives firmware ver. 296d.
Now the ARCServe don't word properly and olso the HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools hangs when we want to do some tests.

If we conect the library in a test PC with Windows-XP the library works fine with all test

Does anybody know if the newer firmware can be the cause of the problem in Windows-NT and ARCServe?

If the firmware is the problem, where can we find the old firmware. I have beeen searching the library ver. 5.14 firmware and i have not found it.

Thanks for your help