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Travan 20GB cartridge won't initialize

Bob Hutton
Occasional Visitor

Travan 20GB cartridge won't initialize

I use HP Travan 20GB cartridges in a Colorado 20GB drive, running HP-Colorado BAckup II version 8.1. All my cartridges are OK except one: when I try to do any media operation (except Retension) on this one, it spends a long time in the "Reading start of tape" phase, then finally ends with the message "The backup device reported an unrecoverable hardware error. Ref. 07-12-23-01-1502." I think the cartridge must need reformatting, but my system supports only the Initialize operation, which fails at the start as above. Does anybody have any knowledge of this? What can be done? Thanks.
Joey Jackson
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Re: Travan 20GB cartridge won't initialize


The error code you are reporting has tells me that the device is returning a DIAG_ERROR when in a READ state. Since Retension doesn not read the tape, that's why you can run it. This means the tape drive is reporting an unknown internal problem. Usually this means the drive needs to be replaced but sometimes, if you're lucky, it's just the tape. HP branded Travan (QIC) tapes carry a 5 year warranty. You should call into TechSupport with the date code located on the tape. They *SHOULD* be able to point you in the right direction *SHOULD* your tape be in warranty.
from the USA 970-635-1000 and follow the prompts for Travan backup.

I hope that Helps,

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