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Travan 8GB + DAT40

Jim Paige

Travan 8GB + DAT40

I have a win2k server with a faulty IDE Travan Colorado 8GB tape drive. I can't get a DAT40 external drive to be recognised on the same machine. It is connecting to a working Adaptec 2940 card.

Is there an inherant problem in trying to put both drives on the same server?
The moons a balloon
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Travan 8GB + DAT40

It should work, the scsi bus is totaly indipendent of the ide one.

First the DAT40 is a wide bus, is you 2940 a wide or narrow bus (68 or 50 pins)?

if there is different bus (narrow >Wide) you need an adapter, and you also need to terminate the bus with a wide Terminator, usualy you should use a multimode one.

Also, check at the boot time, when you see the banner of the 2940 Adaptec poping up, if during the scan the Device appear, this is the first step.