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ULTRIUM 2/20 LTO Autoloader

ULTRIUM 2/20 LTO Autoloader

Hi there, I just inhereited sysadmin rights on a nice machine within the bank.

It has the above referenced autoloader. Can someone reference me to which PC-based programs I can use to interface with this device?

I'm new to backup, so general documentation links aside from the manual I have are OK too if this sounds like a vague question.

Also, what are the main HP-UX programs used? We appear to have the remote access card, what's the URL to access the web-app for that?

I know this is all vague and general, but plan to get quite up to speed, this site has always been a great aid!

"Unix is the Net"
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: ULTRIUM 2/20 LTO Autoloader

1. to launch web interface, type http:// in your browser. IP address and netmask are configured from library's front panel from administration menu;
2. backup software widely used on hpuxes is OmniBack;
3. more low-level utility, comparing to web-interface, is LTT - Library and Tape tools - works via SCSI (FC);
4. see (most interesting is a manuals section)
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: ULTRIUM 2/20 LTO Autoloader


OmniBack has changed product name to Data Protector.